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What DUAS to read when doing Umrah

There are no specific Dua that one should recite during Umrah but one can recite any dua he/she remembers while performing Umrah. There are also small booklets on-to which dua's are written for each and every step you take during Umrah. However one should recite dua's according to the Sharia.
There are however duas that the Prophet PBUH prayed at various points and which one can recite during umrah are described below:

Dua when you start travelling

Dua: Subhana-allazhi sakh-khara la-na hazha wa ma kunna la-hu muqrinin. Wa inna ila Rabbi-na la munqalibun.
Translation: Glory unto Him Who created this transportation, for us, though we were unable to create it on our own. And unto our Lord we shall return.



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Dua for the first sight on Kabba

It was reported that when the Prophet (SAW) first set sight on the Kaaba, he recited the following supplications:
Dua: Allahumma zid hadha l-bayta tashrifan wa takriman wa ta?iman wa mahaba(tan), wa zid man sharrafahu wa karramahu mimman hajjahu watamarahu tashrifan wa ta?iman wa birra.
Translation: O Allah, increase this House in honour and ennoblement, reverence and awe, and increase the one who honours and ennobles it, of those who travel to it to for Hajj and Umrah, in honour, reverence and piety.

Dua: Allahumma anta s-salamu wa minka s-salamu fa hayyina Rabbana bi s-salam.
Translation: O Allah, You are peace, and from you is peace, so give us life, our Lord, in the Abode of Peace.

Dua for entering Haram

Dua: Allah hu- maf tah li ab waba bi rahmatika
Translation: Oh Allah opens the doors of your mercy for me.

Before entering ihram it is recommended that one recites

Tasbeeh i.e. Subhan Allah (glory be to Allah)
Tahleel i.e. La ilaha ill Allah (there is no god but Allah)
And Takbeer i.e. Allahu Akbar (Allah is Most Great)
While you enter Masjid Al-Haram to perform Umrah place your right foot first and recite the following dua:
Dua: Bismillahi wal hamdulillahi wassaulatu a'laa rausulillah, Allauhummaghfirlee zunoobee waf tahlee abwaaba rauhmatik.
Translation: I begin in the name of Allah, all praise be to Him, and Blessings be upon the Prophet of Allah; O Allah, forgive my sins and open for me the gates of your mercy.

Dua for Ihram

Once you entered the state of Ihram, first perform two rakes of Sunnat-ul Ihram. Then, recite the following dua:
Dua: Allauhumma innee uridul umrauh; fayassir haa li wa taqaubalahaa minnee.
Translation: O Allah! I intend to perform Umrah. Make it easy for me and accept it.

After Ihram, recite the Talbiyah:
Talbiyah: Labbayka Allahumma Labbayk. Labbauka La Sharika Laka Labbayk. Innal Hamda Wan-ni»mata laka Wal-mulk. La Sharika Lak. Translation: Here I am at your service, O Allah Here I am at your service. Here I am at your service, you have no partner, and here I am at your service. Truly all praise and blessings belong to you, and so does sovereignty. You have no partner.

Dua for Tawaaf

Tawaf begins from Hajr-e-Aswad i.e. the black stone. When you stand facing the black stone, make intention of the tawaf and recite the dua.
Dua: Bismillahi Allauhu akbar wa lillahil hamd.
Translation: I begin with the name of Allah, Allah is the Greatest, and all Praise is to Allah.

When the Prophet P.B.U.H came between the Yemeni corner and the black stone He (S.A.W) used to recite the dua:
Dua: Raubanaa aatinaa fiddunya hasanah wa fil akhirauti hasanah wa qinaa a'zab annaar.
Translation: Our Lord, give us in this world [that which is] good and in the Hereafter [that which is] good and protect us from the punishment of the Fire.

After completing Tawaf the dua one should recite at Maqam-e-Ibrahim

Dua: Watakhizo mim maqami ibrahema musalla
Translation: And take you (people) the Maqaam (place) of Ibrahim as a place of prayer

Dua while drinking Zamzam

Dua: Allaahumma inni as'aluka `ilman naifi`aaa, wa rizqaw wasi`aaa, wa shifa'am min kulli da'i
Translation: O Allah! I ask you for beneficial knowledge and plentiful sustenance and cure from every illness.

Duas for Sa'ii

Sa'ii is walking back and forth seven times between the two hills, called Safa and Marwah.
Dua: Innassaufaa wal marwata min sha-airillah, faman hajj al baeeta awi-tamarau falaa junaaha a-laihi aiyattawafa bihi maa, wa man tatawwa-a khauiran fa innAllauha shaakirun a-leem.
Translation: Indeed, Safa and Marwah are among the symbols of Allah. Hence, whosoever performs Umrah at the holy Ka'abah can safely walk between them without fearing any sin. And Allah Knows and appreciates him who does any good with a willing heart.

Dua while leaving the Masjid-al-Haram

Dua: Bismillahi, wassaulatu wassalamu a'la rausulillah, Allauhumma Innee As aluka min fadhlik. Translation: I begin with the name of Allah, Blessings and peace be upon the Prophet of Allah, I ask you out of your Abundance/favor.

Documents Required for Umrah Booking

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Umrah Booking Procedure

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Secure Payment

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Document Pouch Umrah Book
Tawaf Tasbeh  ID Card

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