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Umrah is the holy pilgrimage in the Muslim world that can be performed throughout the year. There is no fixed period of time in order to perform Umrah. Umrah marks the sacred and holy visit of Muslim pilgrims around the world to the holiest sites of Al Makah and Al Medina. However, Umrah is performed in Al Haram, the holiest mosque which is located in the Hejaz area of Saudi Arabia. It is the direction Muslims face while offering the compulsory five daily prayers irrespective of the location in the world. Al Makah has great significance as per Islam and in the lives of the Muslims all around the globe.
Umrah is the mini version of Hajj. Hajj is one among the pillars of Islam and is a compulsory act for a person who has resources to perform it but Umrah is a Voluntary act. Since the journey is sacred and holy, it has great spiritual importance; it purifies the soul of a believer. While performing Umrah, a person asks for forgiveness for his sins from Allah, The Almighty. Umrah cleanses the body and soul of a believer, one who believes in oneness of ALLAH. It refreshes the faith (Iman) of a believer as well.



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Who can perform Umrah

Umrah is performed by Muslim pilgrims from all over the world as only Muslim pilgrims are allowed to be in the boundary of Haram in Makah and Medina. Umrah can be performed in groups organised by Umrah travel agents as well as individually. Groups of pilgrims from different countries are organised and managed by the tour facilitators, providing Umrah services throughout their Umrah journey. These Umrah Operators arrange and manage all the travel related aspects of the pilgrims from Umrah Air Ticket Facilities, Umrah Visa processing and Umrah stamping, accommodation, meals, and all other services and facilities. However, you can perform Umrah individually as well but in that case you have to manage everything on your own from Umrah air ticket to accommodation to each and every facility and services that you need during your stay in Makah and Medina while performing Umrah.

Documents Required for Umrah Booking

If you have any query regarding Hajj and Umrah documents or want to know more about Umrah Packages you can contact on

Various steps for performing Umrah

Here are the various steps to complete the pious and sacred journey of Umrah.
1.Entering the state of Ihram: In order to perform Umrah the first and the foremost step is to attain the Ihram. Male Pilgrims need to wear a specific dress for Ihram that includes two pieces of white cloth whereas for women their dress is their Ihram. Pilgrims have to wear it from the Miqat and need to do the intention of performing Umrah. After doing the intention of Umrah pilgrims have to say Talbiyah.
2. Recitation: Pilgrims need to say Talbiyah soon after they make the intention of Umrah and need to say it till they enter the Masjid Al Haram. Recitation of Talbiyah is regarded as Wajib for the pilgrims. Pilgrims are required to recite Talbiyah as per Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (saw). Male pilgrims are needed to say Talbiyah loudly whereas Female pilgrims have to say Talbiyah in a low voice. Talbiya is a sacred recitation to mark the advent and acknowledge the oneness of Allah (SWT) by praising and thanking Him. (Labbaik Allahumma labbaik. Labbaik la sharika laka labbaik. Innal-hamda wa-nimata laka wal-mulk, la sharika laka).
3. Tawaf: After Talbiyah, the next step is to undertake Tawaf. Tawaf means circling the seven times Kaaba in an anti-clockwise direction. Pilgrims are required to circle the Kabba seven times being indulged in a state of prayer in depth. Tawaf usually starts from the point where the black stone known as Hajar ul Aswad is located. It is positioned in the eastern corner of Kaaba. It has a great significance as per Islam. Tawaf depicts the faith/ belief/ Iman of a believer on oneness of Allah (Swt) and demonstrates unity among pilgrims.
4. Pray: After completing Tawaf, pilgrims are required to pray two Rakh of prayer at Maqaam e Ibrahim (AS). It is the place where Ibrahim (AS) rested His foot and laid the foundation of the Holy Kaaba. After offering prayer, pilgrims need to drink the Holy water known as ZUM ZUM. There are ZumZum taps everywhere and a pilgrim can drink from anywhere by standing and facing towards Holy Kaaba.
5. SA’II: Saii is the practice of walking back and forth, seven times between the two mountains known as Safa and Marwa. These Two Mountains are located a few miles away from the Holy Kaaba. Saii is practiced to commemorate and respect the story of the wife and son of Prophet Ibrahim (As). It is believed that by the command of Allah (SWT), Prophet Ibrahim (As) left his wife, Hajira (As) and his Son, Ismail (As) in the wilderness in the deserts of Arabia. While wandering in wilderness, Hajira (As) ran between the two mountains of Safa and Marwa in search of Water to quench the thirst of his months old son, Ismail (As). At that point of time, by the command of Almighty Allah, Angel Jibraiel (As) struck the ground, which resulted in the formation of a well of Zum Zum and thus the thirst of Ismail (AS) was quenched by the sacred water of Zamzam.
6. Halaq: Halaq is the last step of Umrah which marks the end of the sacred rituals of Umrah and the entire Umrah Pilgrimage. At this step, male pilgrims have to shave their head or they can trim their hair as well, which symbolizes the end of their Umrah journey whereas Female pilgrims are required to cut a small hair equal to finger tip in order to make their Umrah journey to end. It is the point where pilgrims are completely free from the rules and regulations of Ihram, as this point marks the end of Umrah journey.
So after performing all these steps your Umrah gets completed and in the remaining days you can visit various Ziyarats of Makah and Medina. However, you can also perform Umrah during your stay in Makah but you have to wear the Ihram from Miqat and need to do all the steps in the same manner in order to perform the pious journey of Umrah. Moreover, you can do Nafl Tawaf on a daily basis for which you don’t need to go anywhere nor you need to spend money on that simply you can do Nafl Tawaf anytime even after or before Nimaz as well.

Umrah Booking Procedure

In order to perform Hajj/Umrah you can opt Khidmati Safar, as we with Confidence can tell you that we are the Best Hajj/Umrah Tour and Travel Operator across Kashmir as Honesty and Sincerity are some of the key factors that we admire the most. As I have mentioned above Our Umrah Booking Procedure remains simple · After the proper submission of the Umrah Documents, we provide you a brief overview of the Umrah Package you have selected i.e. from hotel to the food menu, the Distance of Hotel from Makkah and Madina with the hotel category i.e. (hotel based on the stars), to the transport facility, Umrah Airlines, Umrah Package Duration and Number of days to stay at Makkah and Madina. All the commitments we made are done under CCTV surveillance. We treat all our pilgrims in a very professional and legal manner and have faith in equality and thus we work hard to attain all the goals to make our pilgrims comfortable.

Secure Payment

We also believe in secure payment. We have a secure payment policy in which pilgrims transfer the amount of their booking in a secured manner. We allow our customers to do Hajj/Umrah Payments either Online or through the Bank. But it is advised to Transfer The Amount of your Hajj/Umrah booking in the account of Khidmati Safar Only rather than any personal account. We provide a proper receipt of the payment within minutes having the proper seal of Khidmati Safar Hajj and Umrah Service Provider. If you Transfer the amount of your Hajj/Umrah booking to Any Personal Account Khidmati Safar is Not Responsible for that. That is why we always make it clear to transfer the Hajj/Umrah Booking Amount in the account of Khidmati Safar. However, you can give a Check on which the payee name should be Khidmati Safar because if you will face any issue regarding the payment you can have Written Evidence with you.

Khidmati Safar proides different Umrah Packages along with Umrah Package offers such as Family Umrah Package and Couple Umrah Packages keeping in view the comfort of the pilgrims.
Couple Umrah Pacakge Offer
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Family Umrah Package Offer
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Khidmati Safar
Provides various Umrah Packages with different services and facilities however, some of the basic facilities are mentioned below:
Makkah Ziyarats
Cave of Hira Cave of Sawr
Arafat Jamarat 
Masjid Al Jinn Masjid Al Khayf
Masjid E Aisha Masjid E Nimra
Muzdalifah  Masjid Fatah
Jabal Rahmah Jannat Al Mualla
Masjid Aqabah Mina 
Madina Ziyarats
Junge E-Badr Beer E Roha
Bir e Shifa Well cave of uhud
Jabal Rahmah Jannatul Baqi
Martyrs of Uhud Masjid al Jum'ah
Masjid al Mustarah  Masjid Al Sajdah
Masjid Bilal Masjid ijabah
Masjid Ghamama Masjid Quba 
Umrah Kit
Luggage Bag Ihram Bag
Towel Ihram Ihram Belt 
Chapal Bag Hijab
Document Pouch Umrah Book
Tawaf Tasbeh  ID Card

Our Happy Customers

You may have already read above mentioned booking procedure, Documents required for Hajj and Umrah booking, Secure Payment, Customer feedback, and all other details. However, if a pilgrim wants to perform Umrah with us we want to provide them with all the details required and above all, provide them with the feedback of our pilgrims who have already performed Umrah with us.
Aijaz Ahmad
Mr. Javid Ahmad Shawal
Mohd Akbar
Government Employee
Baba Enayat ullah

We Feel Happy to Help You

Khidmati Safar is a renowned company which provides different services such as Hajj and Umrah, Visa assistance, Air ticket all under one roof. Our aim is to provide assistance to our clients in each and every manner. We make sure our clients are satisfied and comfortable by the services provided by us. We provide different services keeping in view the utmost hospitality and the comfort of the clients. We believe in making memories rather than forgetfulness as our clients are our only priority. More Details
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Achieved Achievements

Khidmati safar always focuses on how to make the best platform for our pilgrims. We make sure to provide pilgrims with each and everything required by them during the Umrah and Hajj journey just to make their journey memorable and full of devotions. For us, customer satisfaction is what we focus on as our achievements are by them. We believe in making unforgetful memories as this journey is more than everything for the true believers. We always believe in true serving as pilgrims are the guests of Allah and for us too. More Attainments
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