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Umrah is the holy pilgrimages in the Muslim world. Umrah can be performed throughout the year. Umrah can be performed with no fixed period of time. Umrah marks the sacred and holy visit of Muslim pilgrims around the world, to the holiest sites of Al Makkah and Al Madinah. Al Haram, the holiest mosque, is located in the Hejaz area of Saudi Arabia. It is the direction Muslims face while offering the compulsory five daily prayers irrespective of the location in the world. Al Makkah has great significance as per Islam.

Umrah is the mini version of Hajj. Since Hajj is compulsory whereas Umrah is Voluntary. According to Islam, a Muslim is required to perform Umrah once in a lifetime. Since the journey is sacred and holy, it has great spiritual importance; it purifies the soul of a believer. Whlie performing Umrah, a person asks for forgiveness for his sins from Allah, The Almighty, Umrah cleanses the body and soul of a believer, one who believes in oneness of ALLAH (swt). It refreshes the faith (Iman) of a believer.

Umrah is performed by large no. of Muslim pilgrims from all over the world. Groups of pilgrims from different countries are organized and managed by the tour facilitators, proving Umrah services, of their respective countries. These Umrah Operators arrange and manage all the travel related aspects of the pilgrims from Umrah Air Ticket Facilities, Umrah Visa processing and Umrah stamping, accommodation, meals, and all the Safety etc. In order to assist the pilgrims to perform all umrah rituals comfortably and satisfactorily.

Umrah is done at a very cheap cost as compared to Hajj, which involves huge gathering of pilgrims annually. Khidmati Safar is pleased to share Umrah Packages which includes Umrah Package for two person, Umrah Couple Package, Umrah Deluxe Package and much more. Each Umrah Package is designed keeping in view the utmost hospitality and comfort of the pilgrims. Umrah can be performed individually or in a group. Group Umrah is best suitable as it is cost effective. Under group Umrah, all the costs gets shared among the pilgrims, thus make the cost of journey low and economical. Moreover, Performing Umrah in groups increases sense of commitment of a pilgrim to perform each ritual with enthusiasm, thus makes the journey more meaningful. Umrah can be performed by both male and female (including kids). There is no age bar for the holy Umrah journey. However there are specific requirements as per Islam Jurisprudence. A male can undertake the journey without Mehram (Mehram is a person required by women throughout the Umrah journey), it may include blood relation including Father, Brother, nephew or any other blood relation.

Various steps for performing Umrah:

Here are the various steps to complete the pious and sacred journey of Umrah.
1. Recitation: After entering the Masjid Al Haram, pilgrims are required to gather near Kaaba, the Qibla and recite Talbiyah, to mark the advent of pilgrims. Recitation of Talbiyah is regarded as Wajib for the pilgrims. Pilgrims are required to recite Talbiyah as per Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (saw). Male pilgrims are needed to say Talbiyah loudly wheras Female pilgrim can Say Talbiya slowly. Talbiya is a sacred recitation to mark the advent and acknowledge the oneness of Allah (SWT) by praising and thanking Him. Labbaik Allahumma labbaik. Labbaik la sharika laka labbaik. Innal-hamda wa-nimata laka wal-mulk, la sharika laka.

2. Tawaf: After Talbiyah, next step is to undertake Tawaf. Tawaf means circle the Kaaba in anti-clockwise direction. Pilgrims are required to circle the Kabba seven times being indulged in a state of prayer in depth.
Tawaf usually starts from the point where the black stone known as Hajarul Aswad is located. It is positioned in the eastern corner of Kaaba. It has a great significance as per Islam. Tawaf depicts the faith/ believe/ Iman of a believer on oneness of Allah (Swt) and demonstrates unity among pilgrims.

3. Pray: After observing Tawaf, pilgrims are required to pray two units of prayer at Maqaam e Ibrahim (AS). It is the place where Ibrahim (AS) rested His foot and laid the foundation of the Holy Kaaba. Pilgrims also made recitation of Noble Quran at this holy Maqaam. After offering prayer, pilgrims went to drink the Holy water known as ZUM ZUM. Pilgrims can quench their thirst by Zum Zum, standing and facing holy Kaaba to their full satisfaction.

4. SA ii: Saii is the practice walking back and forth, seven times between the two mountains known as Safa and Marwa. These Two Mountains are located few miles away from the Holy Kaaba. Saii is practiced to commemorate and respect to the story of wife and son of Prophet Ibrahim (As). It is believed that at the command of Allah (SWT), Prophet Ibrahim (As) left his wife, Hajira (As) and his Son, Ismail (As) in the wilderness in the deserts of Arabia. While wandering in wilderness, Hajira (As) ran between the two mountains of Safa and Marwa in search of Water to quench the thirst of his months old son, Ismail (As). At that point of time, by the command of Almighty Allah, Angel Jibraiel (As) struck the ground, which resulted in the formation of well of Zum Zum. The thirst of Ismail (as) was quenched by the sacred water of Zum Zum.

5. Taqsir: Taqsir is the final point which marks the end of the sacred rituals of Umrah and the entire Umrah Pilgrimage. At this step, male pilgrims got their head shaved from the barbers, which symbolizes for the end of their spiritual journey where as Female pilgrims are required to cut a small hair, equal to finger tip, to make their spiritual journey to end. It is the point where pilgrims are completely free from the rules and regulations of Ihram, as this point marks the end of Umrah.
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