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Umrah Packages From Srinagar Kashmir

Khidmati Safar main aim is to provide Umrah Package from Srinagar Kashmir which includes all the districts of Kashmir. It includes a wide variety of Umrah Packages and Umrah Services which the people of Kashmir which can choose based on their need, desire and want. In order to select your Umrah Package from Kashmir you can simply visit our office branches nearby you or you can call us and our runners will be available on your door steps.

Umrah Pilgrims are provided with the details of various available Umrah packages. After going through with the available Umrah packages, people interested in performing Umrah made bookings for the Umrah package which is most suitable and best Umrah package for them and match their needs.

Each Umrah Package is designed keeping in view the utmost hospitality and comfort of the pilgrims. To book best Umrah Package, you are suggested to visit the nearby Umrah Travel operator to get familiar with the available Umrah packages and choose the most appropriate one.

Different Umrah Packages have different Umrah rates. Umrah Package rates are basically guided by the facilities provided and the quality of Umrah travel services to be provided. Umrah Package rates also depend on the season in which Umrah is likely to be performed. Umrah Rates are usually high during peak season and low during moderate season. Umrah Package Price depends on the level of comfort and facilities provided by the umrah tour operator. The Umrah customers choose any of the Umrah packages as per his/her needs and demands. Each Umrah package has different per person cost depending on the level of facilitation/service.

There are different Umrah Packages with different Umrah Services and Umrah durations where minimum Umrah Duration is of 7 days Umrah Package, to 30 days Umrah Package or more. You can select the Umrah packages among below according to your need and budget.

Economical Umrah Package

Under this Umrah package, the key element is cost- effectiveness. This is usually a budget friendly Umrah Package. The Umrah Package covers all the aspects of the sacred umrah travel to be comfortable yet cost friendly. Economy travel service is provided to a pilgrim, Building type accommodation is provided, which is mainly shared by 4 to 5 pilgrims, keeping in view the basic needs of the pilgrim yet safety and health measures are given due consideration.Quality of meals is also taken care off.
People with low income class usually opt for Economical Umrah Package to manage the sacred journey within their budget.

Deluxe Umrah Package

In Deluxe Umrah package, Comfort level is of prime importance. The facilities provided are highly comfortable and contended. In this Umrah package, due consideration is given to the comfort levels of the Umrah pilgrim. Travel arrangements are very comfortable, stay arrangements are also made at 4 star hotel categories in Makkah and 3 star hotel categories in Madina having room sharing with 4 people with the hotel distance of near about 800 to 900 meters from Harm Sharief. Cost of Deluxe Umrah Package varies as per the regulations.
People with sound financial resources opt for this package to perform their Umrah with utmost comfort.

Super Deluxe Umrah Packages

In Super Deluxe Umrah Packages, luxury is the main factor. Under this Umrah package, the facilities provided are luxurious in nature starting from the boarding to lodging of the pilgrim. Luxurious travel arrangements are made. Stay arrangements are made with 4 star category luxurious hotels with the hotel distance of 500 to 600 meters from Haram with usually high standards of clients comfort and hygiene. The Super Deluxe Umrah Packages usually have room sharing with 4 persons along with the group transportation. The entire spiritual journey is accommodated with high level comfort and ease. Privacy is taken best care of.
Cost of super Deluxe Umrah packages depends on the facilities opted. People with sound financial strength usually opt for this Umrah package. The main aim here is to make ones holy and long craving Umrah journey memorable and special one.

Customized Umrah Packages

Under this Umrah package, customer choice is a main focus. Umrah Pilgrims, here as customers, are given due regarding. Under customized Umrah package, pilgrim has a choice to choose all travel related aspects from travel to stay, as per his choice, to customize food choice. A pilgrim can specify his/her travel aspects depending on his choice; an Umrah package is customized according to it.
Cost of Customized Umrah Package depends on the travel aspects chosen by the pilgrim.
People with specific needs and demands usually opt for this Umrah package, to perform the holy pilgrimage.

Executive Umrah Packages

Under this Umrah package, Age factor plays a key role. Pilgrims, who are elderly, are taken care under this Umrah package. Since elderly pilgrims need extra care and comfort in performing Umrah rituals, Executive Umrah Package is framed to meet the needs of this special class. Various Umrah facilities are provided to the pilgrims to ensure hassle-free Umrah journey. Like an elderly pilgrim, who can hardly walk 2 - 3 miles comfortably are provided with walking chair and an assistant who aids him in his entire journey. Since the holy journey of Umrah is cherished dream of every Muslim, all efforts are made to serve them best and made their long wished journey, a memorable one.
Cost of Executive Umrah Package depends on the travel aspects involved in facilitating the entire journey of a pilgrim.
People with age factor 60 or above 60 years can opt for Executive Umrah Package, to make the journey, a memorable journey of their entire life.

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