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Procedure To Perform Umrah

1. Intention To Perform Umrah
Umrah starts from Meqat so once you reach the Meqat make the intention of performing Umrah and start reciting the Talbiyah. Once you reach the Masjid Al Haram stop reciting the Talbiyah and perform Tawaaf. For men, they should put their Ihram under their arm and start Tawaaf.

2. Tawaf
Tawaf means to circle the Kaaba in the anti-clockwise direction. Pilgrims are required to circle the Kabba seven times being indulged in a state of prayer in depth. During the Tawaf, among 7 rounds around Kabba 3 rounds should be done in Rammal i.e. walking fast during Tawaaf. Tawaf usually starts from the point where the Black Stone is known as Hajar'ul-Aswad is located. It is positioned in the eastern corner of Kaa'ba. Tawaf depicts the faith of a believer in the oneness of Allah (Swt) and demonstrates unity among pilgrims.

3. SA' II
Once you are done with Tawaaf pray 2 Rakat of Namaz near Muqami Ibrahim and drink plenty of Zamzam water. Sa'ii is the practice of walking back and forth, seven times between the two mountains known as Safa And Marwa. These Two Mountains are located few miles away from the Holy Kaaba.

4. Taqsir
Once you are done at SA`ii Taqsir is the final point that marks the end of the sacred rituals of Umrah and the entire Umrah Pilgrimage. At this step, Male Pilgrims got their heads shaved from the barbers, which symbolizes the end of their spiritual journey whereas Female Pilgrims is required to cut a small hair, equal to a fingertip, to make their spiritual journey end. It is the point where pilgrims are completely free from the rules and regulations of Ihram, as this point marks the end of Umrah.

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