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Our Commitment

Khidmati Safar proudly says that we remain stick to our commitments. What we promise to our client at the time of Umrah/Hajj booking we provide exactly the Umrah/Hajj Services and Umrah/Hajj facilities we promised to our clients. We maintain the transparency between our clients so that there will be the understanding while performing The Umrah/Hajj Holy Journey.

If we talk about the commitment there can be two types of commitments either professional commitment or false commitment. But by the Grace of Allah we remain on the professional commitment. We have faith in the quality and thus we work hard to attain the goal in order to manage the honesty. We always treat our clients in a professional and legal manner and therefore always try to refrain from breaking any type of legal laws.

If we say for example the rate of Umrah/Hajj Package is 85000 at the last hour it would be same no matter when you do Umrah/Hajj bookings. During our Umrah/Hajj Orientation program we made it clear by announcing the price of Umrah/Hajj Package in the entire group. We do this for the reason so that the Umrah/Hajj Package Price would be same for each and every client because Khidmati Safar treats each client as own family member.

We not only do our commitments under Cctv but also provide you with the agreement documents in which there will be written each and every commitment we have made with you having dully assigned with the signature of the M.D of Khidmati Safar, our client and his/her nominee.
Economy Umrah Package
Srinagar » Makkah » Madina » Srinagar
Meals Transport Ziyarat 2 Stars
Starting @ Rs 73000/-
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Deluxe Umrah Package
Srinagar » Makkah » Madina » Srinagar
Meals Transfer Sightseeing 3 Stars
Starting @ Rs 88000/-
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Budget Umrah Package
Srinagar » Makkah » Madina » Srinagar
Meals Transfer Sightseeing 4 Stars
Starting @ Rs 75000/-
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Cheap Umrah Package
Srinagar » Makkah » Madina » Srinagar
Meals Transfer Sightseeing 4 Stars
Starting @ Rs 70000/-
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