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All About Umrah Video Guidance

Khidmati Safar likes to provide assistance in terms of Umrah to the people who want to perform Umrah. We have come up with the various Umrah video tutorials so that you can understand each and every thing before leaving for the Umrah Journey. The main reason behind providing the Umrah videos are to provide assistance and it is believed that video make you to understand things in a much better way.

Umrah Tarbiyat Hajj Tarbiyat Umrah Travelling Ahram Lagnay Ka Tarika Umrah Kit Booking Procedure Accomdatation Food Checklist Package Cost Umrah Ziyart Who can perform Hajj / Umrah
Hajj and Umrah Booking Procedure

Khidmti Safar Umrah's booking procedure Remains Simple so that it won`t bother our clients. For Umrah booking, you just need to Submit the Indian Valid Passport with 4 Passport Size Photographs along with a Pan Card and Adhar Card. No need to worry about the payment because we ask for the Payment while we provide you the Umrah Visa and Umrah Ticket.

Golden Umrah Kit

Khidmati Safar provides Umrah Golden Kit to every client who performs Umrah with us. The main motive behind providing Umrah Golden Kit is to provide clients all the necessary things which include a needle to a luggage which are required during their Umrah trip. This Umrah Golden kit is provided in all the Umrah Packages we provide such economy Umrah Package to super deluxe Umrah Package the reason is just to provide the assistance to the Umrah clients.

Umrah Hotel Accommodation

Khidmati Safar provides different Umrah Services and Umrah Facilities which includes Umrah accommodation. In Umrah Accommodation you are provided with the `A` class hotel with the unlimited food, Laundry Services, Golden Food Menu in which you will be provided with fresh fruits and salad and much more. Our only motive is to make your Umrah Journey memorable

Umrah Food

Food is the main reason which bothers pilgrims but Khidmati Safar focuses more on the hygiene of the client whether being about Umrah Services or Umrah food. In Umrah food you will be provided with a menu on to which there will be written the menu for the week with different dishes on each day. You are given unlimited umrah food with the fresh fruits and salad.

Umrah Ziyart

Khidmati Safar provides you Visit the various Ziyarats Of Makkah And Madina. In Makkah, there are almost 18 To 20 Ziyarts to be visited. You get Enough Time to spend on some Ziyarats while at some ziyarats you can't spend time due to the Saudi protocols. In the same case, there is almost 20 To 22 Ziyarats in Madina, and at some ziyarats you get time to spend on Ziyarats while at some ziyarats you can't spend time due to the Saudi protocols. There is always a Guide who guides you and gives you proper Knowledge about each ziyart and translates it into your Mother Language.

Umrah Package Cost

Khidmati Safar provides you with a wide Variety Of Umrah Packages with different Umrah Services and Different Umrah Durations. Each Umrah Package has certain specifications over one another and you can book the Umrah packages which are suitable for you in terms of need and want.
Different Umrah Packages have different rates. Umrah Package Rates is basically guided by the facilities provided and the quality of travel services to be provided. Umrah Package Price depends on the level of comfort and facilities provided by the tour operator.

Hajj and Umrah Checklist

In this video Khidmati Safar gives you suggestions what to pack while you are planning for Umrah Journey. We provide you everything from nail cutter to the chapel and the only thing which remains in your check list is your clothes and medicines. If you are travelling with Khidmati Safar your check list remains confined to your clothes and medicines.

Step by Step Umrah Travelling

For providing assistance in Umrah, Khidmati Safar always tries to make your Umrah journey memorable instead of forgettable. So for that reason we have come up with Umrah travelling tutorial so that you will understand all the things what you need and how to do your Umrah travelling.

Umrah Tarbiyat

Khidmati Safar always tries to provide assistance to the people who want to perform Umrah. Our motive is to give the detailed knowledge of the Umrah so that the pilgrim can perform their Umrah calmly and smoothly. We have made different platforms onto which you can understand how to perform Umrah, and all other things related to the Umrah virtually. In this video, our Umrah guide Showkat Ahmad is briefing you about the necessities of Umrah.

Hajj Tarbiyat

This video is all about Hajj Tarbiyat which is briefed by Showkat Ahmad. As we know Hajj is obligatory in Islam so Khidmati Safar always tries to benefit the people with their video or content to aware pilgrims about their Hajj journey. We also provide a Hajj orientation program before we board for a Hajj journey. But to provide assistance to the pilgrims who want to perform Hajj we have come up with the online Hajj orientation Program so that it will benefit the pilgrims around the globe.

Ahram Lagnay Ka Tarika

Ihram means to enter in the state of purity but many people aren't aware how to wear it as it is not the thing worn by men on a daily basis. But Khidmati Safar always tries to aid people with the things required during Umrah Journey. This video by Showkat Ahmad is making clear how to wear Ihram during Umrah/Hajj Journey. You can also check other Umrah related videos or contect to get the detailed knowledge about the Umrah or the things you need to do in Umrah.

Who can perform Hajj / Umrah

This topic is mostly misunderstood by many people but Khidmati Safar have come up with the video by Showkat Ahmad a Hajj trainer to make people understand who can perform Hajj and what are the necessities of Hajj in the life of a Muslim. We always try to provide abundant knowledge about Hajj/Umrah to all the pilgrims so that the one who has got a chance to perform Hajj/ Umrah can perform it with perfection.

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