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Umrah Package for 1 Person

Khidmati Safar provides you a variety of Umrah Packages in which we also provide you with Umrah Package for 1 person and much more. In each Umrah Packages there are certain specifications over one another. Each Umrah Package is designed keeping in view the utmost hospitality and comfort of the pilgrims. So you can book the Umrah packages which are suitable for you in terms of needs, wants and desire at Khidmati Safar office which is located in Punjab National Bank Building Rambagh Srinagar. In Umrah Package for 1 person you can choose the type of Umrah Package you want- like deluxe Umrah Package, Customized Umrah Package and much more. You can select your Umrah packages as per your needs, wants and desire. In this Umrah Package you will be provided with the facilities like a single room or a room which you can share with a group of 3 people. If you select a single room you need to pay the extra amount, unlimited food facility, Laundry services, Ac bus facility, Visit to various places of Ziyarats in Makkah and Madina. Moreover you will be provided with a guide who will assist you during your entire Holy trip.

Documents Required for Umrah Booking

Indian Valid Passport (Hard Copy)

04 Photographs having white background.

Pan Card.

Mehram list (compulsory).

Vaccine Certificates.

Booking Procedure

In order to perform Hajj/Umrah you can opt Khidmati Safar, as we with Confidence can tell you that we are the Best Hajj/Umrah Tour and Travel Operator across Kashmir as Honesty and Sincerity are some of the key factors that we admire the most. As I have mentioned above Our Umrah Booking Procedure remains simple · After the proper submission of the Umrah Documents, we provide you a brief overview of the Umrah Package you have selected i.e. from hotel to the food menu, the Distance of Hotel from Makkah and Madina with the hotel category i.e. (hotel based on the stars), to the transport facility, Umrah Airlines, Umrah Package Duration and Number of days to stay at Makkah and Madina. All the commitments we made are done under CCTV surveillance. We treat all our pilgrims in a very professional and legal manner and have faith in equality and thus we work hard to attain all the goals to make our pilgrims comfortable.

Secure Payment

We also believe in secure payment. We have a secure payment policy in which pilgrims transfer the amount of their booking in a secured manner. We allow our customers to do Hajj/Umrah Payments either Online or through the Bank. But it is advised to Transfer The Amount of your Hajj/Umrah booking in the account of Khidmati Safar Only rather than any personal account. We provide a proper receipt of the payment within minutes having the proper seal of Khidmati Safar Hajj and Umrah Service Provider. If you Transfer the amount of your Hajj/Umrah booking to Any Personal Account Khidmati Safar is Not Responsible for that. That is why we always make it clear to transfer the Hajj/Umrah Booking Amount in the account of Khidmati Safar. However, you can give a Check on which the payee name should be Khidmati Safar because if you will face any issue regarding the payment you can have Written Evidence with you.

Customer feedback

We took the feedback of each and every pilgrim who travelled with us because we believe in our commitments. We provide our pilgrim what we had promised to them and seeing your pilgrims happy and satisfied is the satisfaction which makes your day. You can also have a look at Khidmati Safar youtube channel Customer Feedback onto which You can check out Hajj/Umrah related feedback videos and the various videos related to your Umrah journey. We have also mentioned contact numbers of the pilgrims who had travelled with us so if you want to know through them about the Umrah/Hajj facilities you can contact them too.

Umrah Orientation Program

Once your Umrah Booking is done, Khidmati Safar provides an Umrah Orientation Program that is usually held 7 or 10 days prior to your departure. We provide Umrah Orientation Program in the 4-star hotel. The only reason behind giving an Orientation Program in a 4-star hotel is to ensure that our clients will get familiar with the Umrah facility that will be provided to them during their Umrah Trip. Our aim behind providing an Umrah Orientation Program is just to provide complete knowledge about the entire Umrah Journey.

During this Orientation Program, pilgrims came to know about how they can perform the Umrah journey, what they need to pack, what time they need to report at the airport on the travelling day, how to use a lift, how to take meals from the Buffet system as in our tradition i.e. In Kashmir there is a little concept of these things, the use of washrooms because we have Indian style washrooms but in Makkah and Madinah there is English washroom. So the main reason for providing an Orientation Program in a 4-star hotel is to show the difference and to get answers to all their doubts. Moreover, they came to know about their group leader and exchanged their numbers with each other. After the completion of the Orientation Program, we with the guarantee can say our pilgrims are doubt-free and are relaxed to perform their Umrah journey as our Orientation Program is held by the experts using 3d projectors.

Umrah Trainers

During Umrah Orientation Program we provide you with two types of Umrah Trainers:
The One Umrah Trainer shows you the way of travelling, timing, and all the things related to Umrah Travelling.
Another Umrah trainer shows you How To Perform Umrah and all the things related to the Umrah.
Within a Week after the Umrah Orientation Program, we set our Journey to Umrah. At The Srinagar Airport, our Umrah Group Leader waits for each Umrah Passenger until every Umrah passenger boards. We make sure to take care of our Umrah Clients in the same way we take care of our family.
On the Last Day of the Umrah Journey i.e. either in Makkah or Madinah, we take the Proper Feedback of each and every Umrah Client about their views regarding the Umrah Package and Umrah Services we provided them during their Umrah Journey.
22 Days Book Now
  • Direct flight From India
  • Umrah Visa
  • 'A' Class Hotel in Makkah
  • 'A' Class Hotel in Madina
  • Golden Indian Buffet Meals
  • limited Laundry Service
  • Ziyarat of Holy Places in Makkah & Madina
  • Transportation by Luxury A/C Buses
  • Availibility of Umrah Guide
  • ZumZum 5ltr
  • Luggage Bag
  • Ihram Bag
  • Towel Ihram
  • Ihram Belt
  • Chapal
  • Chapal Bag
  • Tooth Paste
  • Tooth Brush
  • Hijab
  • Misvaq
  • Cap
  • Essential Medicine
  • Document Pouch
  • Refreshment Kit
  • Umrah Book
  • Tawaf Tasbeh
  • ID Card
  • Nail Cutter
  • Thread & Needle
  • Water Bottle

Queries and Questions about One Person Umrah Package

If you still have any query or doubt regarding One Person Umrah Package you can contact us anytime on the numbers mentioned below. Else, if you want to have face to face conversation you can visit our office as we appreciate the one who wants to gain any sort of information regarding Hajj/Umrah.


Contact Person: Mr. Mudasir Ahmad

Contact No: +91-7780954196

Email: khidmatisafarumrah@gmail.com


Contact Person: Mr. Obair Hazar

Contact No: +91- 9906611241

Email: khidmatisafarvisa@gmail.com


Contact Person: Mr. Obair Hazar

Contact No: +91- 9906611241

Email: khidmatisafarairticket@gmail.com


Mon - Sat: 09:00 - 05:30
Sun: 10:00 - 01:30

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Khidmati Safar Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Booking

Quotes, Rates and Price Variations: Offering services like live rates and static rates which are offered to us by our supplier, Supplier in our business are Airlines, Cruise Liners and Hotels and they are not authorized to change rates and facilities. If this happens like our pricing or any services have changed, it will be shared with you before you made any transaction with us or prior booking. If this happens and you are not satisfied and want to cancel your booking you will not be charged any penny. .

Bookings - Deposits & Final Payments

01. Customers must pay the booking amount to the Company by the time, prior to the commencement of the tour, fixed by the Company.
02. If fluctuation in the booking fee has increased before the commencement of the tour due to a change of a fare/charge of the transportation/accommodation facilities, etc., exchange rate fluctuations or any other cause, the Company may change the booking Fee concerned.
03. In the case referred to in the above sentence, the increase or decrease in the booking amount shall be attributed to the Customer.

Cancellation Due To a Cause Attributable to the Company:

01. Our Customers may cancel the booking if it has become impossible to facilitate Travel Services due to causes attributable to the Company.
2. If the booking has been canceled in accordance with the provisions of the above paragraph, the Company shall refund booking fee to you which you deposited at the time of booking, excluding the cost which has already been paid, or which must be paid in the future, for transportation/accommodation facilities, etc., as a consideration for the facilities already received by the customer.
3. The provisions in the above sentence do not prevent the customer from making a claim against the Company for damages.

Bookings made less than 45 days prior to travel:

Bookings made before one and a half month are payable by different means including Bank Transfer, Cheque, Cash, etc.

Standard Cancellation Policy

01.) You will not be refunded any amount if you cancel your booking before 30 days.
02.) If you cancel your travel before 30 days you will be charged the same amount which travel providers like airline, hotels, etc will charge us.
03.) No verbal cancellation is accepted, you have to give written cancellation to the same person who made your booking.


Baby child whose age is below 2 years fare is :: (.0000)/-Having no bed (age from 2 to 5 years) :: (.0000)- Not having bed (age criteria between 11 and 6 years) :: (.0000)/- Childs who are having beds lies in the category of adults.
There is no budget package in the child policy. Adult is considered the one whose age is more than 2 years.


When you book your tour for umrah you have to pay some amount in advance i.e, 50% of the original amount for each individual. The amount paid will not be refundable. You need to pay the remaining amount within a period of 15 days before the date of flight departure and if you do not pay the remaining balance within the specified time than your reservation may get cancelled and we do not notify you about it. You can make your payment through RTGS, NEFT, online bank transfer or cash. Remember that cheques are not acceptable.

Travel Insurance | Khidmati Safar

Our main focus is to provide best travel insurance standards to our customers. It is essential for you to choose the insurance standards while travelling. With the help of these standards you may be able to safeguard your family members and other belongings. While travelling with us we ensure you to provide best insurance standards that will properly meet with your needs. Then it is the duty of customer to choose one of the suitable insurance standards depending on the activities that may be performed by the customer while travelling. While choosing the insurance standards we can guide you when you face any difficulty. At the time of reservation you can check our insurance standards through online mode. Air Travel Organizers License (ATOL) preserves all financial details of the flights.


The main document required is the passport and it should have the validity of six months from the time of departure. Also recent photographs are to be submitted. The photographs should be passport sized and the background of the photographs should be white. The age requirement for male person is more than forty years.The females and males whose age is less than forty years should come along with their Mahram and it is necessary to show the evidence of family connection among them through documents like passport, Nikahnama, etc. In case of male child whose age is less than seventeen years should come along with male Mahram and female Mahram should lead the female child's whose age is more than seventeen years.
POINT TO REMEMBER :: Reporting Time At Airport : The passengers are requested to report at the Srinagar airport 4 hours earlier before the departure of the flight.
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