Last 10 Days Ramadan Umrah Packages

Khidmati Safar provides the Last 10 days of the Ramadan Umrah Package with the Best Ramadan Umrah Services and Ramadan Umrah Facilities. Keeping its importance in consideration, various Ramadan Umrah Packages are also made available at a very low cost.

We also provide Choices to our clients whether to spend their days in Makkah and Madina i.e. either to spend 10days In Makkah Or Madina. If a person wants to spend his/her last 10 Days Ramadan Umrah in Makkah or Madina we give them the choice to select as per their desire.

The Benefit of choosing the Ramadan Umrah Package is that you get the benefit of performing Atikaaf At Madina/Makkah in the last 10 days of Ramadan and on the 2nd day of eid you will return home. You get enough time to spend with your Allah and make Istigafaar. You remain free from worldly life and get a chance to know yourself and the purpose of your life in this world and prepare yourself for the hereafter.
Khadimati Safar Umrah booking procedures:
Our Umrah booking procedure remains simple so that our clients wont get disturbed much. For Umrah booking you just need to bring the four (4) passport size photograph having White background, Indian valid Passport, Adhar card and Pan-Card.

At the time of Umrah booking you can give 10% of the total amount or if anybody doesnt want to give the advanced amount we dont force. We give the choice to the client in-order to give the advanced payment.

We ask for the Umrah Payment at the time when we provide Umrah Visa and Umrah Ticket to our clients. At that time you need to do payment for your Umrah.

We allow our customers to do payment either online or through bank or in cash. We provide a proper receipt of the payment within minutes having proper seal of Khidmati Safar Hajj and Umrah Service Provider.

After the proper submission of the Umrah Documents, we provide you a brief overview of the Umrah Package you have selected i.e. from hotel to the food menu, the Distance of Hotel from Makkah and Madina with the hotel category i.e. (hotel based on the stars), to the transport facility, Umrah Airlines, Umarah Package Duration and Number of days to stay at Makkah and Madina. All the commitments we made will be done under cctv surveillance so that there will be transparency between our clients.

We not only do our commitments under cctv but also provide you with the agreement documents in which there will be written each and every commitment we have made with you having dully assigned with the signature of the M.D of Khidmati Safar, our client and his nominee.

After done with the Umrah Procedure we start with the procedure of providing you Umrah Visa and Umrah Ticket which is usually provided to our clients within in a week.

All this is done in our office and this is all you need while doing Umrah booking with Khidmati Safar.
Khidmati Safar Umrah Orientation Program:
After Umrah Booking Procedure, Khidmati Safar provides clients with the proper Umrah Orientation Program in which we provide you with all the knowledge you require at the time of your Umrah Journey.

Most of the Umrah Travel Operators don�t give the Umrah Orientation Program but yes some give Orientation Program in Masjid.

But we provide our Umrah Orientation Program in a 4 star hotel. The only reason behind giving Orientation Program in a 4 star hotel is to ensure that our clients will get familiar with the hotel facility that will be provided to them during their Umrah Trip.

We make sure to understand our clients how to use lift, how to take meals from Buffet system as in our tradition i.e. Kashmir there is a little concept of these things, the use of washroom because we have Indian style washrooms but in Makkah and Madinah there is English washroom. So the main reason of providing Orientation Program in a 4 star hotel is show the difference and to make sure they will get benefited with these things.

We make our Umrah Orientation Program in a group so that with the each question asked by any person you can get answer to your questions as well.

Our Orientation Program is held by the experts so that they can give you enough knowledge that is required in your entire Umrah Travel by using 3d projectors.

We provide two types of Umrah trainers :
01.) The one Umra trainer shows you the way of travelling, timing and all the things related to the Umrah travelling.

02.) Another Umrah trainer shows you how to perform Umrah and all the things related to the Umrah.

During that there is the announcement of Group leader who will assist you during your Umrah Journey.

Our only aim is to give our clients the best of knowledge so that they can perform their Umrah hassle free. We also ensure that our clients will get each and every Umrah facilities which we have promised

Within a week after the Umrah Orientation Program we set our Journey to Umrah. At The Srinagar Airport our group leader waits for each Umrah Passenger until every Umrah passenger boards. We make sure to take care of our Umrah Clients in a same way we take care of our family.

At the end of the Umrah Journey we take the proper feed back of each and every Umrah Client about their views regarding the Umrah Package and Umrah Services we provide them or promised them to provide during their Umrah Journey.

To see the feedback of the clients on YouTube you can click the link given below:
Our clients Feedbacks
Insha Allah in a same way there will be your positive feedback if you travel with Khidmati Safar.
10 Days Starting @ 690000/- Book Now
  • Direct flight Indian Airlines.
  • Umrah Visa.
  • Accommodation in 4 Star Hotel in Makkah (700 - 800 Meters from Haram Boundary).
  • Accommodation in 3 Star Hotel in Madina (250 - 300 Meters from Haram Boundary).
  • 30*7 Bus Services Hotel to Haram in Makkah.
  • Quad/Quint Sharing Room (4 Person in one room).
  • Twin/Triple sharing room available on extra charges.
  • Golden Indian Buffet Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner).
  • Un-limited Laundry Service.
  • Ziyarat of Holy Places in Makkah & Madina (alongwith Big Umrah from Masjid e Jarana & zulhulaifah).
  • All internal transportation by Luxury A/C Buses.
  • 24/7 Kashmiri Group Leader available throughout the Tour.
Umrah Kit
Towel Ahram
Ahram Belt
Chapel Bag
Umrah Book
Tavaf Tazbi
Tooth Paste
Ahram Bag
Document Bag
Ladies Bag
Ladies Hijab
Gents Cap

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